Sunday, March 12, 2017

Neighbourhood friends

Here is a list of neighbors that I had from my colony days. I wonder where they are and how they are doing.

A very pretty girl who resembled Lara data with respect to her nose structure, Soumya BJ and her brother also Suresh BJ who resembled actor Sunil Rao, their younger sister, Manjula BJ, and their parents, Sharada, and Jaikumar.

My neighbors Douglas Adams, and his wife Alice Abraham with their children, John Andrews, Grace Tabitha, Peter Samuelson, and Lalitha Pauline.

My top stairs people, Ramani and his family before. Later Ramakrishna Todur, and his wife and two children, Parvathy and Subramani.

My neighbours on the right hand side, Naga, Jaga, Shankara, Manju, and Shiva. Their parents, Shamanna, and his wife.

Then there was Vishwanath, his sister, and their parents, Rajanna and his wife.

There was the family, a large one at that, Gowri Thimmaiah, and her family.

Some of them, I am touch with them on Facebook. Doesn't seem like that these people would like to keep in touch with their old friends. They barely wave me hi or hellos when I pass by.

Time changes everything. Except a poor old soul like me who still looks for old friends amidst technology slaves.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Friends from UVCE that I have to remember

I had a couple of seniors who lent their text books and once in a while taught me a couple of questions to ask my teachers.

Harish Ramalingaswamy was my school friend and introduced me to his brother, Bhanuprakash Ramalingaswamy.

Bhanuprakash Ramalingaswamy and his friends, Mandeep Singh, Prashanth T John, Lijish, Brijesh, Naveen T P, Ashwin Kaujalgi, Niruapama lent me text books.

Mandeep Singh asked me to ask the question, "What is the gain bandwidth of an electronics amplifier?" to my electronics lecturer, B P Harish.

I want to ask Mandeep Singh, "How could be the same question be new to the old lecturer who had been through the same set of students before who had asked the same questions to him"

He also asked, the rate of disappointment is proportional to the time that is delayed. He told that to me.

He also told me that he had established a laboratory at home and he had his own father's business.

People, if you ever meet them, tell them hello from my side.

Thanks and regards,

College Days

I studied at University Visvesvaraiah College of Engineering near K. R. Circle. I finished my Bachelors in Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the same.

I had my classmates in the order I remember them.

  1. Vyjayanthi Jaganath
  2. Narasimha K. R
  3. Shankar Narayan P. S.
  4. Supritha Kumar
  5. Swaroop Bhushan
  6. Rahul Kumar Jain
  7. Divya U. K.
  8. Arpana Bhat
  9. Huma Gaur
  10. Divya Anand
  11. Sandhya Shyamsundar
  12. Sapna Jairaj
  13. Narasimha Raju
  14. Vasu
  15. Ramya M. N.
  16. Ramya A
  17. Hareesh K. P.
  18. Archana Pujar
  19. Mahesh Babu
  20. Vandana Bharadwaj
  21. Vedavathi M. K.
  22. Narasimha Murthy G.
  23. Shruthi Prasad B. R.
  24. Sudhindra 
  25. Raghunandan 
  26. Shilpa 
  27. Josna Lobo
  28. Narayanan
  29. Naveen K. P.
  30. Rahul Kumar Tiwari
  31. Vidyashree N. M.
  32. Sharmila Dharmashekaran
  33. ShashiKala

I went to do masters in Electrical Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo. 

I had room mates that I remember the most.

Manasa Bangalore Huchachary
Savitha Prakash
Smruthi Mukund
Rahul Ramaswamy
Gautham Jayaram
Harsha Shedbalkar
Yogish S
Sandhya Raghava
Damien Jose
Sandeep Rudrawar
Ananthi Asirvatham
Parithimalar Gopal
Priyadarshini Motwani
Sandeep Muralidhar
Madhavi Nadig
Yashaswini Anil
Shruthi Srivatsan
Priya Iyer
Srikanta P N
Pratap M N
Harsha P N
Vasan SNS
Raghu Ganapati
Harini Sankabattula
Shilpa Kakini

I hope that they remember me the way I remember them.

School days - Friends and everyone

Dear All,

I want to remember my school friends and my teachers for the rest of my life. Not to forget, how they are forever etched in my memory through my experiences starting from first standard and how I manage to remember them even now.

I studied at Cambridge English School, Mathikere, Bangalore which I thought was Yeshwanthpur back then.

Leaving my Indian Institute of Science cadre of memories for now, I will try and list all the names from my school days and forward.

First Standard:

Teacher name: Dont remember


Second Standard Teacher name: Ayesha

Parveen Taj

Third standard: Nasreen Taj

Same as second standard

Fourth standard: Girija Miss and Rani Miss

Same as second standard

Fifth standard teachers: Shashikala, Ayesha, Premalatha, Renuka, Pachanna

Junaid Hussain
Keshava Murthy

Sixth Standard teachers: Shashikala, Ayesha, Premalatha, Renuka, Anusuya

Same as Sixth standard.

Seventh Standard teachers: Geetanjali, Renuka, Sunanda, Some arts teacher, Sharadha

Same as Seventh standard

Eight Standard teachers: Meera, Sharada, Rekha, Shashirekha, Sudha, Manjula, Shobha, Tara

Harish Ramalingaswamy-> This one painted really well, and wore glasses.
Anees Pasha
Mamatha (2)
Santosh S P
Priya K Nair
Priya J
Another Raghavendra came and left.
Pavan Jadhav left in eight itself.
Venkatpathi Raju
Krishnam Raju - He is a married bachelor and is doing gastroentities in Gulbarga.
A lot of Malayalam gang.

I visited Harish Ramalingaswamy house recently as I knew his brother and their family as well. He did not agree that he even knew where our school was. I was shaken. Apparently his wife Vindhya was keen on joining Indian Institute of Science for doing a PhD. He has a kid now.

My ninth and tenth were the same students and the same teachers.

Some days if you meet them, please hello to them from my side. I would want to know how they are faring in their life.

It was after I left school that Krishnam Raju told me that out head mistress name was Naseemunnisa Begum.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The new reality

In this post, I mentioned about virtual reality. I am reeling off with the amount of information that I get from books, television, etc. I do not need virtual reality unless I get paid to do it, both in terms of satisfaction and money. Else, I do not need that. I have my own reality which is much more than enough.

The updated resolutions for 2017

After the recent entries of resolutions post based on the earlier post, I am writing this updated post, I may drop plans of PhD because after doing PhD also, you end up with a job, so you might as well as well do the job itself. So, here is more information about me, Annapoornima Koppad. Please hire me.

After several failed love stories with family, friends, and people I have known, falling in love and failing are totally out of question.

Thanks everyone for reading, listening.

Updated resolutions for 2017

Dear All,

In this post, I mentioned my resolutions for the year 2017. After the sleaze of troubles that I have had, I dont think I have time to work on bullet points 1 and 4. So, the resolutions have not changed much except bullet points 2 and 3 have become 1 and 2.

I posted this question on my facebook page, Which is more important after respect, food, clothing, a room to live. I think its health. Any other opinions or questions?

I am going to work more on health aspects.

Thanks and much love for reading.