Sunday, December 18, 2016

An open request to the general public

Dear All,

I am requesting all of you to tell me what I have to do for the things that I have been through.

Sexual harassment, disowned by my parents, friends and family, I slept on streets for some days. Without a job. I was roaming without proper slippers, wondering what was any obligations that I had towards anyone.

Because starting from now onwards, I am going public with my investigations.

All of them. Blogs, letters, poems, paintings, Meditation, sex, love, lovers, pens, school friends, college friends, every aspect of my life the way I saw it.

I am going to name everyone in the process while I investigate. If there is someone who thinks I am at mistake, I am asking you call me directly, or come speak to me. My email ID is My cell phone number is 8792879112.  You tell me why you know what you know, and I will tell you why I did what I did.

We can a public live streaming discussion on youtube, national TV channels, news reporters in everyone's presence.

I am asking everyone to watch me live on the channel. Please let me know.

As I name them, I am asking these people to give me what I deserve. Every single paisa of it. Not a single penny more. God forbid, not a single paisa less. Hatred included.

Any questions.

I am home.

Annapoornima Koppad

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