Saturday, December 17, 2016

Python Software Society of India

Dear All,

I wrote to the home Python Software Society of India, I am also registered on since I am interested in promoting Python training sessions in and around Bangalore.

I wrote to everyone in the contact list of No one has ever replied so far. Just so that you know, I am currently serving as one of the eleven  Directors of Python Software Foundation,

I also wrote to Kushal Das, who is also another Director of Python Software Foundation, asking if he could reach out to PSSI and ask what was happening with my membership. I spoke to Vijay Bangalore(, Kracekumar Raju(, and this email address( about my membership. This was in June.

I had a conversation with Ewa, Naomi, who also suggested that I move forward with the local Indian group. I was waiting for some kind of reply atleast.

I also wrote to Shijil ( from the on November 13, 2016.

Can general public intervene because I am going to talk anyways to the Chief Minister of Karnataka? This time if I go to Chief ministers office, I will take press reporters, cameramen, TV news reporters, and the rest others with me to cover the story. I will have Youtube live streaming if not anything else.

Your intervention will be highly appreciated.

Thank you all.

People person,

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