Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Resolutions for the new year 2017

This is the year ending. Time to look back, review, keep my work in memory. Here are my resolutions for the year 2017.

1. Work more for women empowerment. Top priority. Too many women are in trouble around me. Help them. I can show you how I help people. Any woman in trouble, direct or indirect, please send me an email if your husband is inflicting domestic violence on you, or is sleeping around with other women. I want to eradicate AIDS from India. Top notch priority.
2. I am applying for PhD full time. This is something that I have had pending for a long time. Doesn't matter where I do it. I will publish research papers, all in my name. First Author will be me.
3. Never ever fall in love. Because love is poison. Not to mention, how much it distracts me in my work. And I love to work.
4. I want to teach some old people around me how to use internet. They don't know it all. Again social service worker in me.

I will do it Bangalore. I am ready to relocate to other places provided that they are willing to provide me the creative space that I ask for. 

I dont want name, fame or anything for what I am doing. I just need my name for all my works. The satisfaction I derive from my work is my reward. For people who did not know that about me.

I will keep the list bullets at four. Maybe, I will change the resolutions if I find a goal worth pursuing in 2017 subject to worth my financial and emotional currency.

Annapoornima Koppad/-.

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