Thursday, December 15, 2016

The new move

I wrote in my previous post about my personal life which I do not want to hide from anyone including my parents and family.

I had to go to Delhi for a policy on "HOW    TO    ENGAGE    IN    BROADBAND    POLICY    AND   REGULATORY    PROCESSES". I did not have cash at hand. Talk about demonetisation effects. I was standing in a queue at the SBI ATM cash counter at Indian Institute of Science waiting to withdraw money which was giving out only Rs 2000 freshly minted notes, then I realized that I had money in three different accounts. None of them above Rs 2000.

Laugh at my plight if you will. But then, its middle of the month and you cannot expect my cash than what is necessary. Also, I have stuff that is worth more but not in cash. I never had so much of a high on my life than the one that I felt at that moment. That I was truly free from obligations from anyone. I was laughing. It was after so many days that I have felt this good.

After that, today, I called up my parents to ask some money for cash. My father did not have cash. He handed over the phone to my brother. My brother offered me to give Rs 2000. After he said that, he started asking about my previous post. He asked me what would people of where my father's new house is would think of. He also asked me what I thought of myself.

I told him to the face, I was me. No one else. I have already told that I smoke and drink, and why would it be wrong to date someone. His voice got louder and I told him, that I did not need their house and cut the phone.

I may not move to that house. I will move to a new house that I can live according to my needs.

To Sumit, if you are reading this, I am sorry I used your name without your permission to do it on my blog. I had to test family's reaction to what I am and what I do. I may never see you again if you did not want it and happened to read this by mistake. I am sorry if you did not like being mentioned.

To my brother, if you are reading this. Just leave me and never follow me again. Even on my blog. You can go tell Appa, Amma that I wrote this. The only reason that I wanted to move to Appa's newly built house is because I had contributed towards its construction. You may not agree with me on that, I have proof to show. And please stop lying about the money issues, you, Dhakshayini, Amma, and Appa are having.

I am going to leave you to yourselves.

Thank you all for reading.

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