Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Virtual Reality : The way I want it

 This is a post about my personal expectations of what I think virtual reality is and what I want to do.

Most of the current virtual reality simulators require that you wear some kind of additional equipment upon on your senses that will make you feel and sense the virtual environment. That is you need an extra equipment to experience that virtual environment.

This is not new. It already exists in movies and the concept is being used by movies. The actor does not actually handle or manoeveur some of the things as props that do not exist but acts like he is using them while the camera and other technical people involved in the movie making develop the rest of the set using existing software and hardware.

Applying this concept to virtual reality, I am seeking to develop tools that do not require equipment on a body but still provide the required virtual environment.

For example, projectors and screens and other materials placed at the right places can produce three dimensional images that look very real and feel real but do not exist in reality. The capability of deceiving the spectator experiencing the virtual reality is very true.

To state an example, it might not require any more actors, and expensive setup if you can setup one studio that is able to do this. A slight feed into the program and you are able to develop stunning results.

On a medical note, hallucinogens are known to induce experiences in the human body that cause the user to believe that he is seeing or experiencing things that may or may not be true. That is whole different ball game altogether.

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