Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pyladies Bangalore chapter

I started out as a lone programmer looking to get back to coding when I stumbled upon a rock boulder almost hampering my enthusiasm to learn a new programming language. It was then I started the Pyladies Bangalore chapter.

Here is the journey so far!

I founded Pyladies Bangalore to encourage women to learn programming. This chapter is a pro-women organization and is open to people from all spheres of life. I encourage women to bring their kids along with them to foster the scientific interest in both the women and their children. I encourage women who have taken break in their careers to get back on their feet both financially and emotionally. 

A little more about me:

I am a technologist, researcher, programmer, a leader, teacher, and a writer all rolled up into one. I love doing research. There's a bit of me in everything I do. Sometime it may be a little too much. I guess I get that liberty after doing things that I have done. Be it market research or writing up for the next travel hike, or digging into that new phone that I just bought, I love it.

I am a fast learner always ready to take new challenges, explored avenues that fuel my personal growth while providing me opportunities to network with other individuals that can enhance my personality. I take to technology like a fish takes to water. I am polite, well behaved, and strong to handle positions of great responsibility with ease. I have had experiences ranging from worst to the best. Those experiences haven hewed into a person with the right blend of emotional quotient, intelligence, agile to identify and harness new opportunities, and adept at work that I perform. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner – A Review

            The new DC65 Animal complete upright Vaccum cleaner that has arrived newly on the market is the trendsetter. Incorporating the new patented technology, Dyson Root Cyclone, the manufacture ensures that no other competitor in the market can deliver what DC65 promises to deliver.
Here's some of the things that are new:

  1. Patented Radial Root technology.
  2. Five year guarantee for the product.
  3. Increased suction power.
  4. Light weight compared to other vacuum cleaner.
  5. Tangle free turbo tool.
  6.  Accompanied by an extra tool bag.
  7.  Filterless vacuum cleaner eliminating the need of cleaning filters quite often.
  8. Available from all major online dealers.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ways to connect with me.

I see that a lot of people are going to talking to me soon. Here I am updating the ways to connect with me.

1. Linkedin
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Gmail Mail me annakoppad at gmail dot com
5. Please lets meet up over tea.

Thanks in advance,
Annapoornima Koppad

Patent Statistics and Market Value of Indian information technology firms

Hey All,

Here I am, sitting at my desk, unable to sit quietly.

While I sit and think of writing anything more, I just thought why not write about a research that I have submitted for review.

Since the paper is still under review, I will provide you with a preview of the abstract alone.

"Patents form the intangible knowledge assets of a firm. This paper examines the usefulness of
patent counts as a measure of importance that can influence the market value of a firm. Patent
counts refer to the number of patents held by the firm. This paper examines the patent counts of
Indian Information technology (IT) firms in relation to their market values. This paper is the first
step towards examining patent data for their contribution towards market value of Indian IT

Please contact me on my cell phone or email ID annakoppad at gmail dot com to obtain a copy of the paper for a price. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Resume


Name of Examination
Board Appearing
Year of passing
Percentage obtained
Tenth Standard
Karnataka State Board
Pre University course
Karnataka State Board
Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
Bangalore University
Masters in Electrical Engineering
University at Buffalo, Buffao, NY, USA

Work Experience:
Project Assistant                                                                                            Nov 2015 — Present
IPTel, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka                                                       

Review legal documents, make amendments and add necessary clauses to the legal documents.

FounderPyladies Bangalore                                                                        July 2013 - Present
I conducted one day hackathon at Thoughtworks, Bangalore for encouraging women to learn python programming. The hackathon was attended by 10 attendees who varied from students, to python aficionados, and potential users of python for commercial exploitation.

Research Associate                                                                                        July 2014 — Dec 2014
Spearhead Eduonline, Bangalore, Karnataka                                                            

Conduct internet search for potential courses and course instructors for online trainings.

IEEE certified trainer                                                                                   Aug 2012 —Aug 2014
Latitude Edutech Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka

Conducted trainings and prepared training material for software development life cycle, software quality assurance, software maintenance.

Team Leader                                                                                                  Dec 2012 — Apr 2013
Infratab Freshtime Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka

Programming in Mathematica.
Junior Research Fellow                                                                                 Jan 2012 — Aug 2012
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka

Programming in Labview

Project Assistant                                                                                             May 2011 — Sept 2011
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka

Conducted interviews of visionaries and prepared reports for areas of mutual interest in the information and communication technology areas for areas of mutual interest between India and European Union.
Technical Patent Analyst                                                                               Feb 2010 — Dec 2010
Unicita Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka

Searched for patents and drafted patent applications

Electrical Engineer                                                                                         Feb 2008 — July 2009
Kistler Instrument Corporation, Buffalo, New York

Searched for patents and drafted patent applications

IT Programmer                                                                                              Jan 2007 — Dec 2007
School of public health and health professions, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Searched for patents and drafted patent applications

Software Engineer                                                                                          Sep 2004 — July 2006
Infosys Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka

Maintained documents for code written in Protel language for mobile switching software.

Member Development Officer,                                                                      Aug 2002 -- Aug 2003
IEEE-UVCE student chapter, UVCE, Bangalore, Karnataka

Conducted membership drive for IEEE-UVCE chapter and inducted 70 members into the IEEE group.

Technical Skills:
Langauges:       Python, R
Software:         MS office,
Research:         Edit/Review Technical papers, Market Research, Patent Search, Patent Drafting
Others:             Internet Research skills, Digital marketing

I take to technology like a fish takes to water. I love exploring new technologies and writing reviews about them.


Patent counts and market value of Indian information technology firms”, (submitted for review), Annapoornima Koppad, Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Management of
Innovation and Technology.

Foresight Study ICT R&D Trends in India, Prof Mary Mathew, Annapoornima Koppad, et all, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Method and Systems for Real Time Processing of Data and Alerting Mechanism”, Indian Patent Application No: 201641008751(Patent pending), Inventor: Annapoornima Koppad

Awards and grants:
  1. Grant for conducting workshops from Python Software Foundation, 500 USD, Sept 2013
  2. Grant for conducting one day Introduction to Python programming from Python Software Foundation, 230 USD, April 2016
Available upon request.

I hereby certify that the above stated details are true to the best of my knowledge.

Place: Bangalore

My Introduction

Hi there,

I am from Bangalore. I speak, read, and write Kannada, Hindi, and English. I think mostly in English.

Though I am a Kannadiga, I am still yet to discover the richness of this language. After a futile attempts at reading long lengthy novels in Kannada, I stuck to English as it is the language that I am most comfortable with.

I understand a little of Tamil and Telugu. I can reply in monosyllables for these two languages.

I am a writer, an artist, a technologist, researcher, teacher, trainer,  patent analyst, software engineer. I take to technology like a fish takes to water.

I just wrote my first animation game with Stencyl software.

If you are looking to hire a potential asset that will grow in leaps and bounds within your company skyrocketing the company to maximum potential, you can write to me at annakoppad at gmail dot com.

Heres a introductory video of myself that I shot with my Samsung Phone A7.

Noni and The Evil Joker - My First Game

I was sitting and whiling away time on my computer looking for some work on the freelancer. I have exhausted all my bids on Freelancer, and now I am waiting for employers to respond back to my application.

In the mean time, the evening Dosa was working its effects on my stomach, so dozing was the only thing left to do for me. That's what I thought.

In an instant, instant something struck my mind. I wanted to write my own game. Hence I googled up some softwares' having just an idea in my head about the game that I wanted to create. I downloaded the Google Sketch Pro totally aware that I was going to be using it for a month alone, that's the extent to which Google provided me with trial period.

I created and destroyed a couple of projects that did not anywhere from a lady standing on the ground. I put some bushes and two cars in the Sketch Pro editor. Then I wanted my objects to move. Further for that I googled up Stencyl.

I did a crash course on my animated characters wherein my hero Noni stomps over the evil Joker. You can find my first game here. The crash course is here, Stencyl Crash Course.

I created my first animation game and then Blogger would not allow me to upload swf files on to a post. Here, I am with an animated game and am not able to publish online. It was fun for the time I did that.

Oh wait, I am creating second game now.! Ciao around laters!