Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mon-keying incidents

I wanted to write some fun posts. Here is one of a monkey incident. I burst out in laughter every time I remember this.

I and my college friends were on final year project tour. We went to a city with tiled roofs and lots of greenery around.

I stayed in a hotel with almost wet walls and grounds with only a dry bed.

Then, I wanted to go out for lunch. The lunch was arranged on the terrace of the hotel building.

On the stairs' railing, there were two monkeys sitting. One was very big and the other was small. They were sitting together.

Just for fun, I made a face, teasing one, at the two monkeys. The big monkey bared its teeth. I ran away to the terrace, totally unaware of what was coming. When I took my plate for food, two people came hurriedly. One fair girl and one brown guy.

They started telling me, Anu, I don't know what you did. I replied to them coolly that I did not do anything.

At that particular moment, one large monkey on the terrace came running towards me.

I got scared. Since I was in a group, the rest of the group shooed the monkeys away.

Then, I realized what I did on the stairs.

You have no idea how much I laugh remembering this incident. Even to this day. My stomach bursts out.

Monday, December 19, 2016

My first research paper

Dear All,

I really worked on research in my life, for the first time. You can find it here,

My first step to what I wanted to do.

Best wishes,

Friday, December 16, 2016

Which is the religion that I have to follow?

I was born into a Hindu family. My family was cattle shepherds.

Hinduism has so many gods.

Which god do I follow?

Lord Rama who took Sita to forests and then doubted Sita's fidelity. Then the earth under her feet broke and took her in after she gave birth to Lava Kusha. Lord Rama was "KIND" enough to believe a fishmonger's words and let go of his wife, Sita who followed him to the forest, and then walked on fire for her husband.

Lord Krishna, who had so many wives, that he took so many forms to please his thousand wives. No wonder, India has always had problems with the population.

Lord Vishnu, who sits on a snake bed, and keeps Lakshmi at his feet. Why not the other way round? Lakshmi on the top, and Vishnu at his feet?

Lord Shiva who was stupid enough to give his gift to Basmasura and then running away from Basmasura because Basmasura wanted to return the favor of the gift?

Not to mention other gods of Indian mythology, "Indra", another word for womanizer", etc of the likes. Why did Yama need a buffalo to ride on?

Lord Hanuman, who was Brahmachari but went all the way to look for Sita from Ayodhya in Bihar to Sri Lanka, for his lord's wife? Was it just loyalty that drove Hanuman?

Krishna who saved Draupadi in the time of the public rape, because the five brothers had bet their wife? What do I call this? What was a woman here? An object to betting? Why did not Krishna give Draupadi the powers of Kali to set those five brothers on fire and the entire the Kaurava who kept laughing while Draupadi was being raped publicly? Why did he give a saree only to Draupadi to cover herself?

Why did Laxmana draw a line and asked Sita to not cross limits while he went out to look for Rama himself?  Why did not Lakshmana not take Sita with him if he cared for Sita. Sita with him was better than Sita alone. If anyone tried to harm Sita, he could his bow and arrow skills. Or why would he not teach Sita to use arms and bows so that she would not need anyone to protect her? Was he expecting Ravana as a guest so that Sita remained at home, and would greet Ravana with open arms? Make someone weak, draw a line, circle around her, ask her to never cross the limits, and offer her as a bait to Ravana who always looked at other men's woman.

Is this the mythology that we draw inspirations from? Hindu Scriptures, anyone?

For a while, I tried to believe in Jesus, for he was a man who asked other men if there was no one in the crowd who had made mistake so that such a man was capable of punishing a prostitute. If Jesus was really a son of God, why did he not bestow powers to a woman to make a living for herself instead of going to other men.

I think of all, Jesus still holds the trophy. You know, when Satan came and challenged Jesus to jump off the cliff, why did Jesus walk away? What was Jesus afraid off? What was that Jesus that kept hanging to life? He did not have a wife, or a family that he had to fend for? Attention Deficient Disorder, anyone?

Dont even get me started on Muslim scriptures. Sorry, people, I will break it the way I see it. Men who forbid women from wearing men's clothes, do men like things. Keep her covered from head to toe so that no one else is seeing what is happening? What is there to hide? Who is having sex with whose's wife, is that what you want to hide?

I thought about this for a lot of time.

I am sorry that I do not believe the scriptures that is being offered to me. I choose my life above all. I would like to quote Upendra's dialogue, "I am god". Yes, I am a god in my world. And my world is not my family. My world is my body and mind. Who comes here and goes here, I decide. No one else.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Yoga and Meditation

As stressed I am right now, I have tried non medical treatments of doing meditation as well.

I did this class way back in 1999 from Sahaja Stithi Yoga organized by Gurudatta Guruji.

Meditation did some good work initially. It calmed my jitter nerves.

But then I started having dreams. Dreams of falling down stairs.

I remember when I attended the class I had this thoughts of mass orgy. I did not like it.

I did not like the thought process that Gurudutt Guruji, propagated. Isolation from people, and leading ascetic life. I mean, if you have a problem, you don't go to forests and meditate upon a stone rock, how does the problem go away.

One thing about me, I am fascinated with life. Everything excites me. Colors, people's expressions, food, etc all of it really gets me going. I cannot sit without doing something. But here was a thought process that was taking away from that. So, I did do one thing. I practiced meditation process in my room for a while.

It did not take away the stress after some time. My health deteriorated more.

I was having dreams of going away from people, I saw myself dying, etc.

I thought it was more stress, and then I stopped meditating. I started dancing which turned my mind towards my body. Which was better than meditating. With eyes open.

Women Scientist A program

Dear All,

There was a program from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for which I submitted my project.

The project was accepted and I have not heard from them so far.

Anyone else who knows about this?

You can see the list of accepted projects here,


MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Team

I recently completed my application for the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Team.

Anyone else on the list who has done the same?

Let me know.


Saturday, December 10, 2016

I am a people person.

I am a people person.

Its my innate inborn ability to connect with people. People from all kinds of backgrounds, and all kinds of statuses. I don't care if a person I am talking to comes from a poor background, or is a rich person.

Like I said in my previous post, I connect with people whose names and faces that I may not remember at all. I laugh, share a joke, and then I am on the roads again, traveling, discovering new places, talking to new people.

I can never sit in one place, or stick to one person totally or emotionally. I draw inspiration from people. Everyone I meet on the way teaches me something that I don't know.

Sex is out of question.

I am not sure if I can find a man or woman that will say I am okay with you talking to so many people, or treating them like you have known them from ages when in fact you just met them. There has been no one so far.

That makes a people person. Totally. No one ever comes close to what I am, what I see, and where I want to go. No one. Ever.

Things that I miss about Indian Institute of Science

This post is due before I unpark my *** from Indian Institute of Science.

Its not the research, not the green campus, not the world class research facilities, not the people, not the professors, or the fact it is one of the most popular institutes in India that I will miss, or not even the fabulous nine rupee tea at Prakruthi canteen that I am going to miss about Indian Institute of Science.

There are three wise women, whose names that I do not know who work at Prakruthi canteen. I dont know them, and perhaps will never know them. Once in a while, when my salaries have not arrived or I am cracking jokes about the other waiters who have upturned noses, and are acting like they are the royalty of England, I don't give a damn about the waiters acting like royalty of England, these three women stand with me and laugh.

Its not even that these women are trying to date me or anything. I will keep it that way. My happy memory.

This was perhaps the best kind of relation that I have come across. Its even better than the one teacher that I had.

Projects in pipeline

Here, as you must have already know from my previous posts, I literally have no personal life. That leaves a lot of room for several projects.

I bought a Arduino Uno board and a Raspberry Pi 3 boards for my projects. I got another Gemalto Concept Board from Gemalto people. I have another Intel concept development board that I intend to work on.

Apart from this, I recently wrote my patent agent exams, on 27 November 2016 to be specific in Chennai. I am still awaiting those results.

I am attending a Zumba instructor course on January 27, 2016.

Like I said before, I am also working as an intern for the Openstack group as part of the Outreach program.

And as a major move, I am moving away from Indian Institute of Science which I have always considered as home. I am going to miss you, Indian Institute of Science. As green as you are, I find my true calling, traveling, teaching what I can to others, in the process learning more.  I cannot remain stuck to you like a child is stuck to its mother via the umbilical cord.

I know my work life balance is definitely going to be awesome in 2017.

Friday, December 9, 2016

What is oddly satisfying?

Ok, let me accept it. I stole the title of this post from a video that I saw on Facebook which showed some ordinary satisfying things from which people derive satisfaction.

I mean, hell yeah, winning a million dollar lottery is exceptionally satisfying, but then for the lesser mortals like us, what is oddly satisfying?

Today, one such situation came up. I had earlier blogged that I am one of the person selected as an intern for Openstack under the Outreach program.

I had an old Dell machine on which I had Devstack installed and was submitting patches from that machine. It started puking errors when I ran ./ That has been happening for the last three days. I tried everything available on the internet to sort out the problem. That did not work.

I recently bought a new machine, again, a Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 series machine, that I rebooted with Linux 16.04 operating system. Then I git cloned the Devstack and ran ./ It was the same set of problems. So I did do one thing. I wrote to my mentors, Raildo Mascena, and Rodrigo Duarte Sousa from the Openstack group who suggested that I try running Devstack in virtual environments.

Virtual environments spewed up another set of errors.

Finally, it worked and I was able to get it up and running is not what happened.It is nowhere close to it.

While I tried to several things, I wrote up the errors in a word document using Libre on Ubuntu and then was about to post the question on Stackoverflow. Then suddenly, my machine hung. I had to reboot it.

When I restarted my machine, and fired up Firefox, the old session was restored. My worry was always there. Now, I had to think of the unthinkable, To even ask doubts to my mentors, and then post questions on mailing lists, and post it on  Stackoverflow, I would have to redo the efforts of the last three days.

Fortunately for me, when I opened up Firefox, my question on  Stackoverflow was saved, and the word document still had my documentation.

I dont know when I had hit the control save on both of them.

Now, that was oddly satisfying.

I know, people, life sometimes gives you lemons. I just had my lemonade.

I just googled up Youtube to see if there was any thing else that were oddly satisfying, found this.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Problems with gmail

Hello Everyone,

I have had this query for my gmail account. I use my gmail account for a lot of financial transactions such as booking train tickets, and paying credit card bills.

I got worried that recently I saw a chat request was sent from Gmail to someone whom I had not known at all. I did *not* do it.

Unfortunately for me, I would not worry if my emails could be hacked for anything. Except with the money matters.

Has anyone run into this problem before?

Let me know.


In Pursuit of Science Kishore Vaiygnanik Prothsahan Yojana at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

I am a creative person. I like creating things. Stories, arts, crafts, science, data, food, pretty much everything around me gets me interested. 

Unfortunately for me, I had a alcoholic father, and an uneducated mother. The only goal that I had in my mind was that I was to grow up an independent person with no obligations towards anyone.

It was way too much dillydallying about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be, and I worried way too much about it. 

For me, I believe that even art is a way of science, and science is a way of art. I do not discriminate knowledge. That holds true for both basic science and applied science. For a long time, I was considering both of them, basic science and applied science trying to see which was more worthy of pursuing. It took a while for me to realize that both of them are dependent on each other.

But the way I chose, I took the one that gave me money because I needed money to survive. I was ready to accept basic science as well as applied science that gave me the creative space. 

Let me tell what I did.

I got into bachelors for engineering since I wanted to earn huge money in shorter span of time, doing it the right way. But then, the urge to research and get into the creative space of my mind, it kept pulling me.

I was doing my first year of engineering when Kishore Vaignanik Prothsahan Yojana(KVPY) advertisement appeared in newspapers at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in the year 2000.

I spoke to my mathematics teacher at University Visvesvaraiah College of Engineering, Bangalore, Ms. Hamsapriya if she could suggest me what I could do for my application that I do some research at the college itself. She said she did not know of anything that she could do to help me. 

I then spoke to my professor V. Keshava Murthy, electrical engineering department of University Visvesvaraiah College of Engineering did not have anything to suggest to me. 

The interesting world of information with all its wonders did not exist for me then. Whatever I knew was what I knew from people all around me, what appeared in the newspapers, and what I heard from my parents, friends, and other people.

I met Dr. Prakash A S, a PhD student in the year 2001 from Solid State Chemistry Unit of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and spoke to him about my application. He was happy to have me work under him. But the condition that he imposed was that, his professor Prof. M. S. Hegde would not acknowledge my application. Naive as I was, I believed what Dr. Prakash told me. The closest I came to my application was what Dr. Prakash had given me. I was alright with Prof. M. S Hegde not acknowledging my application. But I just met Prof. M. S. Hegde to seek permission to use his laboratory for my experiments, to which Prof. M. S. Hegde agreed.

It was the year that I was doing well in studies at college, and I was indulging in research, research if my application was successful would actually make money and give me some recognition as well, and alleviate my otherwise no money condition. 

I did submit my report to the scholarship application. I have no idea what happened to it. There must be some feedback mechanism to tell me what went wrong, or what was that my application was missing.

As hard as it was, there is nothing that I could do to find out what was happening. I still don't know how the application process is judged.

The milieu was totally different from what it is today. There is access to so much information that I do not need anyone to teach me something. A computer is so much more of a beautiful world. I learn, I write, and then I have the satisfaction of doing my work, and being recognized for my work.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Outreachy program

Hello All,

It was a slow process of learning and relearning for me. I had contributed earlier way back in 2013 to Openstack and was accepted into the program. Since I had conflicts going on, I was not able to accept the offer and withdrew due to personal reasons.

Then I restarted my path again, started contributing to Openstack and was accepted into the Outreachy program.

You can find my name listed under the Openstack organization, here.

This time, no matter what happens, I intend to complete the program.

Hope to see you around.


Memoization in Python

Memoization is optimization technique that optimizes the number of calculations being performed by storing and reusing the already calculated values. A memoization cache is created when a function is called for the first time, and every time there is a call to the function, values are stored in the memoized cache, reducing the redundant calculations.

In the following paragraphs, the technique is illustrated using the example of a factorial.

A simple literal implementation of factorial in Python without using the recursion method is given by Figure 1:

Figure 1: Factorial using for loops

This case helps and gives the correct answer. This becomes redundant when there are many values whose factorials need to be calculated.

It is here that the technique of memoization comes handy. Figure 2 exemplarily illustrates the code for memoization technique.

Figure 2: Memoized factorial
If the values that are calculated are stored, then those values can be pulled from the memory for further calculations without recalculating again.
Figure 3 below illustrates a simple timer program that can calculate computational times for the two functions mentioned in Figure 1 and Figure 2 respectively.
Figure 3: Timer code for calculating computation times

On the first time call of the function, the normal factorial calculation illustrated by Figure 1 and the memoized factorial illustrated by Figure 2 utilize the same computational cycles and give results in the same time frame. For example, Figure 4 illustrates the code for calculation times for the the normal factorial calculation illustrated by Figure 1 and the memoized factorial illustrated by Figure 2 0.0395050048828 seconds and 0.0834770202637. In fact, this is quite in contrast with the expected results. 

Figure 4: Using timer from Figure 3 for doing calculations

However, if the calculations were repeated in this manner, the advantages of memoization come into picture. Figure 5 illustrated the example code for repeated calculations.

Figure 5: Repeated calculations

Using the code in Figure 5, when the computation times for the normal factorial calculation illustrated by Figure 1 and the memoized factorial illustrated by Figure 2 provide for 4.68964886665 seconds and 0.108646869659 seconds respectively.

This is primarily for the reason that once the factorials are calculated and stored and are retrieved when there is another instance for the variables. In the first case, the values get calculated every time and hence increase the computational times.

In this article, the benefits of memoization are explained. There is one disadvantage of memoization, that is, memory is used for storing the values. But that is a trade off that is to be balanced for gaining on the speed of computation.

Further, recursion methods give faster computation, that combined with memoized technique can make the programs a lot faster with a little trade off on memory. I will write more about those in another article.

There is my article on Memory optimization in Python.

Virtual Reality : The way I want it

 This is a post about my personal expectations of what I think virtual reality is and what I want to do.

Most of the current virtual reality simulators require that you wear some kind of additional equipment upon on your senses that will make you feel and sense the virtual environment. That is you need an extra equipment to experience that virtual environment.

This is not new. It already exists in movies and the concept is being used by movies. The actor does not actually handle or manoeveur some of the things as props that do not exist but acts like he is using them while the camera and other technical people involved in the movie making develop the rest of the set using existing software and hardware.

Applying this concept to virtual reality, I am seeking to develop tools that do not require equipment on a body but still provide the required virtual environment.

For example, projectors and screens and other materials placed at the right places can produce three dimensional images that look very real and feel real but do not exist in reality. The capability of deceiving the spectator experiencing the virtual reality is very true.

To state an example, it might not require any more actors, and expensive setup if you can setup one studio that is able to do this. A slight feed into the program and you are able to develop stunning results.

On a medical note, hallucinogens are known to induce experiences in the human body that cause the user to believe that he is seeing or experiencing things that may or may not be true. That is whole different ball game altogether.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sadma song - my reaction

I recorded this video as part of honing my acting skills. I own this video alone. The original copyright rests with the owners, and I claim no rights over them.

And no, I have not used glycerin to cry.

I recorded another video right after I recorded this video today.

Please let me know your comments.

Bricks and bouquets are welcome.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Shaping of identity - My take

I am writing this to understand the shaping of my own identity.

I am an individual, and I live in a society.

The atmosphere I grew up shaped me till my ideas were born, and I was able to think better, not prejudiced by the circumstances and environments that I grew up in.

That gave me the reason to write this post. Does the society define? Do I define me? What is that defines me?

There are some days when I do things that the society that I live in will never accept but makes me feel comfortable.

By the line of thought, I have come up with two theories, rather should I call them two identities that I have developed and I prefer to call them individual identity and collective identity.

Individual identity is something that I do when I am alone. I am happy eating lots, coding, reading, writing, dancing with no particular steps, or moves, etc.

Collective identity is what I pose for others to be just because I live in a society and I need their respect. Actually I don't need their respect, but then, I need money to live, food to live, that comes from working , and working requires that I interact with people, and hence I have to bow down to the system in which I live. 

There are days when I wake up and don't want to meet anyone. Nor interact with anyone. I have had enough with this people. And don't want to work anymore. I think of starving myself. So that I don't have to eat anymore. So that I don't have to mingle with people.

How many times will it before when I will be doing what I like instead of doing what is dictated by the system?