Saturday, January 28, 2017

My requested requirements for 2017

Dear All,

This month is the beginning year for 2017. The last year has been a series of  "shake spears" in the bum for me. I quit the Openstack internship for reason one and reason two. I finished a regular course at Indian Institute of Science. I was planning for a PhD anywhere but Indian Institute of Science. I found out personally using google, places that hire people to do their Phd and pay them to do so. As far as I know, only Indian Institute of Science does that. Reva University and M. S. Ramaiah University charge fees from students to do PhD.

I quit my Directors role at Python Software Foundation because I was volunteering for it, and I was not on official pay roll. I was not allowed the Directors allowance when I asked to use it for a keynote at PyCon conference. After coming with the set of my own personal problems of women violence, abuse of rights, hitting parents, and brother, I could not use it. So I quit. Not to mention, how the police are relaxing when I am getting hit, how the security sends me back to my parents house when I get hit and go to them, etc. They have always hit me. Why will they stop now? I wrote some things on the blog and they were infuriated. That was the mission too. Let them irritate me, I will irritate them more.

Just for one streak of brilliant worker in me, I had purchased the domain for PyLadies and coded for the website within one day. No money for anything. But I cannot do that forever, working without payment.

That said, I want to have these set of wishes for 2017.

I am applying for PhD at Indian Institute of Science, for three departments, namely ECE Department, DESE department, and finally the Management Studies department. Hopefully I get through. My first wish will be just that.

I have nose blocks in the night and feel very sick and tired in the nights. I remember being more active than this, I could eat more and still be running. I want that kind of strength, vigor in me which is my second wish.

Thats all for 2017.

If anyone wants to give me an award, please do let me know. Because from now onwards, its just going to be that. eye for an eye.

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