Friday, February 3, 2017

My Vehicle Story

Finally, my family seems to have made some kind of peace with me. I dont do things they dont like and they dont trouble me.

Last year February, 2016, I bought a second hand Honda Activa from an authorized dealer in Mathikere, Bangalore.

It was atleast three 3-4 runs to the shop that the shop owner gave me the RC card of the vehicle. It was a headache till it came to me. After that again, the vehicle broke down with some days of running. I paid Rs 5,000/- and got it repaired. It broke down again. I got it repaired again for another 1700/-. I was working on a full time job and they did not pay me 4 months of salary. I worked freelance and did the job day and night without my parents support, borrowed some money from my friends and managed the situation.

Recently, the vehicle broke down again. This time I paid Rs 1700/- once and got it repaired. I got it repaired once again for an amount that I dont remember. However, I got the battery of the vehicle replaced for an amount of Rs 4000/-.

By no means, am I telling that I am suffering more than others for a mistake that is not mine. But is there is a solution wherein one person can be all the people around him/her, like as in not be supported by parents, cook, study, work for a living, not mention have any other interests like sports, or dancing, or painting, shooting camera. because I do all of those things. On top of all these things, be someone who knows about perfect vehicles, perfect groceries, perfect clothes, and other things perfect. Some times, I want to ask a question, why would I live without a reason to live?

I have no answer to me.

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